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About US

Paving the Road to Success, Our History

Hardrives, Inc. was founded by George Elmore in 1953 in Delray Beach, FL. Sparsely populated Palm Beach County had no I-95, no Florida Turnpike, and no major transportation route beyond U.S. Hwy 1. Mr. Elmore’s personal philosophy, “No client or employee is to be cheated or mistreated” served to guide his first contract, paving a driveway for $125. Adhering to this philosophy for success, Hardrives, Inc. has helped build Palm Beach County and continues to contract with dozens of municipalities and nearly every major developer in the County. From a single driveway to multi-million dollar highways, Hardrives has grown, along with Palm Beach County, to achieve every goal that is presented. Our biggest measure of success is the clients that return, year after year, with new and more challenging undertakings.  

Old Fashioned Values

Honesty, loyalty, and personal attention aren't abstract ideals at Hardrives, Inc. They're the core of this multi-million dollar business operation. These ideals are upheld by evaluating each job from the customer’s standpoint, achieving results that are timely, cost-effective, and of the highest possible quality.

An open door policy prevails at Hardrives headquarters in Delray Beach. Everyone from a laborer to the chief executive officer of a development corporation has access to George Elmore. For more than 60 years, this open door policy has symbolized the willingness of Hardrives to accommodate its clients and our employees. The results speak for themselves.

“A job isn't complete until everyone is satisfied” is the requirement at Hardrives, Inc. From the paving of the first driveway to the construction of I-95, Hardrives gives each project the attention and expertise needed to reach a successful conclusion.

Modern Day Company

Hardrives, Inc. has the range of expertise to be there from the initial clearing of undevelopedGeorge & Craig Elmore land to the final highway striping. With millions of dollars in equipment, tons of materials, and the workforce to make it all happen, Hardrives has the resources a client needs. Computerized job tracking monitors the availability of equipment and subcontractors and even generates the most economical way to solve any problems that arise. Experienced project managers monitor a work in progress on a daily basis and are always available to update the client.